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Stuart contacted SMA UK and applied for their new SMArt Moves Grants 2 on behalf of his son Bobby. After Bobby’s Permobil M5 was serviced, it was clear he was in desperate need of new batteries and a complete set of tires.

Through the SMArt Moves 2 Grant, Bobby received these necessary parts for his powerchair, enabling him to continue moving and exploring his world!

Stuart shares: “Bobby is a very happy and outgoing teenager, and thoroughly enjoys exploring and being free with his friends to go where he pleases. Before his service was due Bobby kept coming home worried as his batteries kept running low during school. This was stopping him from being able to go out with his friends. Planning trips was hard as his batteries just wouldn’t last. When the rep came out and completed his service he declared that Bobby was indeed in need of new batteries but also all his tires were low and needed replacing. The quote came in at over £1,000. We were not in a position to pay for this.”

“When applying to SMArt Moves the whole process was very good and easy to do. The application form was easy to complete and we had communication with the grants officer. After our application went through the panel, they paid the supplier direct and we were able to book in a time to get the work done.”

“Bobby now has new batteries and new tires thanks to SMArt Moves and he is so happy and able to continue to explore his world.”

“We would like to say a big thank you to SMA UK for opening this new grant scheme to SMA families. Without this, we would not have been able to fund this work for Bobby.”


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