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Julian has SMA Type 3 and lives on the south coast with his wife, 2 children, 2 dogs and his numerous computers, gadgets, gizmos and a truly awesome stereo. When he isn’t listening to the stereo, walking the dogs (with wife and children) or playing with the gadgets, Julian moonlights as a Management Consultant specialising in Access Technologies and Disability.

Julian has extensive experience as a senior manager delivering projects and technological innovations for Disabled People’s Organisations, various bits of the NHS, Transport for London, a couple of universities, numerous local authorities and has been an advisor to both the Department for Transport and the Secretary of State on transport and disability issues.

Julian first became involved with SMA UK when he became aware of and joined the SMA UK Adult Network; shortly after this he also slightly traumatised his wife by taking her along to an SMA information support and social event where she met far too many people that appeared to be just like him.