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Image shows an adult man, who has SMA, sitting in his wheelchair on a bus, giving a thumbs up.

Transport for Cornwall – Bus Accessibility for Wheelchair Users

Ross was recently contacted by Transport for Cornwall to be involved in their #BucketLoadsByBus campaign to see what their facilities were like.

Image shows an adult man witting in his powerchair outside an accessible cabin.

Accessible Powerboat and Accessible Cabins!

Ross has SMA Type 3 – his two different adventures described in his blog – ‘A Life On Wheels’.

Sarah with handcycle

Out and About with a Handcycle

Sarah, has Distal SMA – her experiences of getting out and about after getting a hybrid handcycle!

Ross driving

Ross’s Biggest Achievement

How learning to drive and passing his test has been Ross’s ‘biggest achievement’ – bringing him independence and freedom.

Image shows pixel art of the SMA UK logo and the words 'I've got disABILITY'

Bobby – Creativity and Ability, In Limitation

Bobby, has SMA Type 2 and has been on a creative journey into using pixel art.

Image shows an adult man sitting in his wheelchair, next to his female partner.

Martyn – Care and Support Travelling Abroad

Martyn, who has SMA, shares his tips and ideas on how to manage care and support when you’re travelling abroad.

Image shows an adult man who has SMA, sitting in his wheelchair at his desk, surrounded by assistive technology.

Julian on Useful Home Tech

Julian on how readily-available, everyday technology, such as Amazon Alexa, can make a big difference and make life easier at home.