What Are Your Views On Screening Newborns For SMA?

03 August 2018

There are three main ways of screening for SMA:

  • Carrier screening - testing adults to see if they have the gene for SMA. If two parents have the gene, there is a 1 in 4 chance that their baby will have SMA
  • Ante-natal testing - testing babies before they are born to see if they have SMA 
  • Newborn screening - testing newborn babies to see if they have SMA

The National Screening consultation paper, which discusses all of these options and the wider issues around introducing screening for SMA, can be downloaded from this page. Before you take our survey, you may want to read a summary (taken from page 17 of the report) of what is known about attitudes to, and issues with, newborn screening.

You can find our short survey and give your view, here.