Easier Assistance App for Disabled Rail Passengers

28 September 2018

A new smartphone app, currently being trialled by four train companies, will be rolled out across Britain in Autumn next year to help with passenger assistance, with the aim of making it easier for customers to book help at stations and get a more consistent and reliable service.

Currently, customers can book in a number of ways including by phone or online which is a time-consuming process, and when plans change e.g. delayed trains, customers can end up without the assistance they were expecting or unable to travel at all.

The new Passenger Assist app, developed by Transreport for the rail industry, will tackle these problems and see the rail companies delivering on their commitment to enable more people to benefit from the opportunities train travel opens up by:

  • enabling customers to book, change and cancel assistance quickly, which can currently take up to 40 minutes over the phone
  • allowing customers to create a user profile, specifying their personal details and the type of assistance they need, so recurring bookings become quicker
  • providing staff with live information, including key details about the customer and their journey, so they can provide a better service and accommodate short-notice requests
  • ensuring better staff communication so staff can anticipate and deliver changes in planned assistance.

The app has been developed in collaboration with disability charities including Disability Rights UK, Blind Veterans UK and Anxiety UK and includes accessible features, such as the ability to change colour themes, fonts and text sizes. 

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