NICE’s Public Consultation on Proposals for Changes to its Processes

08 February 2021

Rapid access to new health technologies is vital to patients and their families, the NHS and the life sciences industry.

As health technologies continue to advance so too must NICE processes for evaluating them. With faster, flexible and more responsive processes, they will have the tools to evaluate new and emerging health technologies and bring them to patients sooner.

This is the third in a series of consultations on proposals for changes to the methods and processes NICE uses to produce its guidance on health technologies.

The proposals explore opportunities for:

  • Aligning the current guidance programme processes.
  • New process improvements and ways of working.
  • Improving the commercial and managed access processes.
  • Making the criteria for selecting topics for evaluation through NICE’s Highly Specialised Technologies programme clearer and more specific, and the outcome easier to understand and more predictable for stakeholders.

This last point is one that has greatly concerned and affected the rare conditions community.

The consultation is open until 15th April.

On the 25th February (4pm-5pm) you can also register for their webinar to discuss the consultation and ask questions. 

Consultation processes, and how to take part, are here.