Online Focus Group: Moving from paediatric to adult SMA services

12 July 2022

For people living with or caring for someone with SMA, moving from paediatric to adult care can be a daunting prospect. In rare, under-explored populations like SMA, gaining a deeper understanding of lived experiences is crucial to improving services and support.

Biogen would like to learn more about your experiences transitioning from paediatric SMA services to adult SMA services in the NHS.  Research like this can help to uncover the unmet needs and to recognise and address areas where further support is needed.

If you, or someone you care for, has transitioned to adult SMA services within the past 12 months and you would like to share your views, please contact

Your voice can help to improve the move from paediatric to adult services for other people living with SMA. For further information about taking part, please click here.

The closing date to respond is Sunday 17th July.

This material is created and funded by Biogen.
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