Survey for Unpaid Caregivers of those who have SMA

24 February 2021

What: This global study aims to collect data on health care resource use, out-of-pocket costs and time costs for the families of those who have SMA in various countries in the world.

Who can participate: Caregivers for SMA patients with Types 1, 2 or 3 of any age in the UK. Caregivers must be adult, and unpaid caregivers (primary or secondary) at the time of questionnaire completion. Both parents / caregivers of the same child / adult will be accepted. Caregivers with medical professions as well as paid caregivers (such as home health aides or home registered nurses) will be excluded. Caregivers of patients staying in stationary facilities (e.g. nursing homes or hospice centres) at the time of survey completion will be excluded.

Compensation: You will be compensated for your participation in this research study. Everyone who fully completes the survey will receive a Tango gift card of £33 within 4 weeks of completing the survey.

How to participate: Interested participants can click here to consent and participate.